About Isaac Kwaku Essien

My Story

I am the Executive President of the Young African Chief Executive Directors (YACEDx) headquartered in Ghana. I triple also as the Founder of Spoorlife Foundation, Airmart Group and 3SL Group.

At Spoorlife Foundation, I reach out to the poor in the society especially street children, children with intellectual disabilities and women living in deprived communities.

At the 3SL Academy, I educate young people who have the vision and passion to empower the Deaf through Sign Language.

At the Airmart, I promote young people in business operating on the Campuses.

I was the Leader of the StarAid Ambassadors (University of Ghana Team) to Dubai for the Hult Prize Competition at the Hult International Business School, Dubai Campus in March 2017.

 I won the 2018 National Award for Volunteerism organized by the Osei-Kusi Foundation and DiF Africa, and I have spoken and performed on Motivation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership on several major youth events in Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, Benin, Togo and China.

I have worked as Sales Executive, Customer Attendant and as Customer Service Representative at Millicom Ghana Company Limited (Tigo), Bayport Financial Services, as Rig Manager and Sales Executive at Sametro Links (Branch of MTN Ghana)

Obotan Links; Mobile Phones and Accessories Shop, established in 2013 in Ateiku, Western Region Ghana was my first owned business. I worked as a Mathematics, English Language, Religious & Moral Education Pupils Teacher at Maggie Preparatory School, Tarkwa.

I have volunteered for many initiatives and organizations including Jones Boakye Ministries, Global Aid for the Marginalized, NAAB Foundation, Kids & Maths Organization, SOF Ghana, Friends of UNHCR University of Ghana, International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development, Center for Transformational Leadership in Africa and the Osei-Kusi Foundation, etc.

I am a penultimate student of the University of Ghana and Shenyang Aerospace University, China where I study Performing Arts (Dance and Theatre Combined) and Aeronautical Engineering in Aircraft Manufacturing respectively.

I am a multi-linguist with fluency at English Language, Asante Twi, American Sign Language and Ghanaian Sign Language

I am an old boy of Church of Christ International School, Church of Christ Senior High School (all in Ateiku) and the Tigo Sales School.

I play the African Bamboo Flute, enjoy standup comedy and love teaching Mathematics, English and Sign Language as hobbies.

My lifetime goal is to be happy and make others happy; to make life better and easier for deaf people, bring them out of the old teachings that deaf people are disabled people through education, advocacy, and hard work, to simultaneously become an example for 10 million young Africans to enkindle the spirit of entrepreneurship and human capital development for the glorious wellbeing of the African continent.

I have a magnificent obsession for the development of entrepreneurship on the African continent and I would give whatever that is required to make Africa the hope of the world, the little and the great I can.

I believe in teamwork and partnerships for the goals, I am simply dynamic, if there’s a life I desire, it’s “choosing to be myself, live myself and believe in myself as I have known myself”.