Pilot: Private Sector and Government of Ghana Food Relief Program – Over 4000 Supported In Accra, LA Nkwantanang Municipalities

Antonio Brown once said and I quote

“The journey is never-ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” – Antonio Brown

There is never a world without crisis, but when a crisis befalls men, a certain group of people are hit massively, it affects them to their cores, to the point when they have not much to depend on. Sometimes even to the point when they have nowhere to lay down their heads, connect with families, friends and loved ones.

The novel #Coronavirus (COVID-19) like other crisis took the world unaware when we never expected to witness a pandemic.

Covid-19 has really affected the lives of many, locking down national economies in their abodes, and preventing them to make progress. It has kept corporates indoors, and businesses unattended to.

In times like this, we all know lives may be affected, but who does this affect the most, the greatest question never answered.

Come to think of the trauma, the fear and panic that associated with it, a lot of reportages on several media platforms have recorded enough already but is there hope for the hopeless? [YES]

One thing I want you to understand is that “Covid19 will not destroy humanity, it cannot wipe all men from the earth. Everyone has a role to play, a duty to undertake and a responsibility to serve ourselves and our people by taking precautionary #Mesasures and if possible #StayHome to contain the spread of this virus. #thistooshallpass

There emerged a project by the Private Sector Businesses (including Covid19 Sector Fund, The Republic Bank, Polykraft Ghana, IPMC, B5 Plus, The Greens Ghana, Japan Motors, Spaceplast, Akramang Processing, Mershion Capital, Forward Ghana, Azar Paints, Internet Solutions, Ghandour, Noble House, amongst others) and the Government Of Ghana through the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development, Metropolitan Municipal Chief Executives, NADMO, GhanaPolice Service, Ghana Fire Service and the Presec Boys Senior High School to support lives through the “Ghana Food Relief Program” with packages of boxes filled with uncooked food items meant for a family of four for a month. These boxes were distributed to over 4000 less privileged and the poor in certain communities that have been affected by the lockdown through works of #volunteers on April 20, 2020.

My team of volunteers (Team #3) were sent to the Oyarifa Community to worked in partnership with the Assembly Man of the community to distribute 250 relief packages to the needy. Our team ensured that the packages were delivered to the rightful beneficiaries, so did the other teams that visited other slums and locations, reports said.


We began our distribution at the Oyarifa Township following the with hands of 10 of the gentlemen in the community who helped us to carry the boxes to the homes of the beneficiaries.

We made rules for ourselves to ensure that all precautionary measures outlined by the government and our directors on the location are observed. Amongst these rules, we decided not to give any package by the roadside then entreated all the people rushing to where our vehicles were parked to return to their homes, which they obeyed.

At the Oyarifa Township Community, we distributed 70 boxes to 70 beneficiaries including people of old age, disabled people and other people in need per our social discretion.

From the Oyarifa Township, we proceeded to the Gravel Pit and distributed 110 packages. In these 2 communities, our beneficiaries were mostly squatters living in slum areas in what I can describe as “wooden kiosks”. Most of them, from the look on their faces, you need nobody to convince you that, these fellows are in dire need of the food packages.

We then moved to the fourth community on our list, “Owusu Ansah”,  This community seemed a bit developed but we learnt a great lesson, “not all living in missions have food to eat.” Already, we had a list of names of people we’ve been sent to serve, therefore we moved deep down the community and ensured the 40 food packages reach their rightful owners, the needy, and indeed, they needed this support than anything in this trying times.

KB is the next to the last community we served. In this community, most of our beneficiaries are families, most we counted, including children up to 5 or more but equity was our domain, therefore we served 20 such homes and the other deserving homes one package each.

Then finally, we moved to our last location, the KB Agape Area and distributed our last 10 packages to our beneficiaries, of which most were living in informal settlements, amongst most are squatters.

In all, 240/250 packages were delivered to the residents in the Oyarifa Electoral Area.

At around 7:35 pm, we gave our last package and left for Accra at 8:02 pm after sharing some departing messages amongst ourselves and the 11 men-volunteers from the community including the Honorable Assembly Man, Mr John Okpoti.



In all our services in the field of distribution, we ensured we protect ourselves and the people by ensuring there’s social distancing at every location we found ourselves amongst the people. We gave no tolerance to overcrowding or more than 10 people coming near our vehicles or parling.

We ensured that other precautionary measures are put to use especially the use of the hand sanitizers, nose mask, and hand gloves are observed without any objections.

We served the people in their homes. At points when we realized some had journeyed to our vehicle and may have contacts with others, we picked one member from our team to be an announcer at locations, instructing all to “Go to their homes, sit and relax for we shall come there and serve them, that was a great success.


Most of the people we served over 90% were very happy and showed appreciation for the gift boxes they received.

Many thanks to the Private sector businesses that contributed to the success of this relief program and the government for support.

I also wish to use this platform to appreciate my co-supervisor Jeannette Atindzim and all volunteers (annexed in the table below) who served on my team for their selfless dedication to serving our motherland Ghana.

Name Designation
Isaac Kwaku Essien Super Visor
Jeannete Atindzim Assist Super Visor
Isaac Duodo Police Service
DOIII Nathan Theophilus Fire Service
Nana Kyei Baffour NADMO Official
Seth Addai Social Welfare & Comm. Dev.
Haruna Gbandi Dispatcher
Stephen Jyasi-Kwaw Volunteer
Daniel Martey Volunteer
Jean Atindzim Volunteer
John Okpoti, Hon. Assembly Man

Long live our motherland Ghana and make our nation create a strong.

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